MultiMeditation maximizes the experience of meditation, thanks to our unique combination of meditation techniques. MultiMeditation is online meditation.

It is created for everyone who wishes to transform their lives for the better and derive as much benefit as possible from their meditation practice by using our special combination of best-practice techniques and therapies. So if you are looking for how to meditate for beginners or meditate for a long time, just practice this online meditation technique and be happy.


MultiMeditation is a powerful modern meditation technique - online meditation. It combines established, traditional types of meditation and therapies with other methods designed to improve our lives, including:

  • Knowledge about the Mandala

  • Contemplation Meditation

  • Concentration Meditation

  • Nature sounds

  • Knowledge of fractology

  • Chromo therapy


  • Increase self-confidence

  • Reduces negative emotions

  • Increases emotional stability

  • Helps relaxation and relieves stress

  • Increases self-acceptance

  • Helps find peace of mind

  • Helps to control thinking

  • Brings the body, mind and spirit into harmony

  • Improves focus and concentration


Benefits of Multi Meditation are infinite, so we are sure you will find something helpful for you!

These people have already started practicing MultiMeditation:

This technique proved most effective for me. I have tried a lot of things, many types of meditation, but MultiMeditation is by far the best. I think before soon Multi Meditation will replace all the other meditation types, just like multi-vitamins have replaced single ones.

Oliver Freeman, Los Angeles, USA

I am so glad I began practicing MultiMeditation! I used to hear a lot about how good meditation is for you, benefits of meditation and then I decided to try it myself. I chose MultiMeditation, it's very easy meditation techniques for beginners. Lots of my friends who practiced other types of meditation also decided to shift to MultiMeditation. I am very happy.

Belinda Brown, New York, USA

We use colour, music, nature sounds, videos, the Mandala, and fractal art

to create a technique that produces the desired effect on several levels of perception – through sight, hearing, and vibrations. Multi Meditation combines all of these various methods to provide a synergistic effect. Using a combination of meditation techniques works faster and more effectively compared with using each technique separately, enabling participants to achieve their desired changes more rapidly.


In order to successfully combine the knowledge and techniques mentioned above, we have created online video channels with meditation videos. In addition to the universal meditation channel, there are special video channels to help you resolve specific problems. Everyone can use multi meditation any time. Use it as morning meditation to start a new day. During a day you can practice multimeditation as daily meditation technique this very helpful for a  good mood. Evening meditation will relax you  before sleep. So meditate and be happy!

Multi Meditation video channels.

Getting started with MultiMeditation is easy. You simply need to watch special meditation videos on this site. User guides are available on the respective channel pages.


Everyday meditation

Our mind is in constant motion. The more we try to slow it down, the more thoughts it generates and the more noise it makes. Our conscious is like a surface of a lake: in good weather, we can see our reflection just the way it is; the surface of the lake becomes distorted with a bit of wind, and we see ourselves distorted as well; when a storm comes, we cannot see ourselves at all. It is exactly the same with our thoughts - the more there are of them, the faster they move about, the less clarity there is in our vision of life and ourselves.


Relaxation is something we desperately need in our lives

If you are tired, find just a few minutes to relax – it will not take a lot of time and is possible under almost any circumstances.

10-15 minutes of relaxation with the help of our meditation video will provide you with necessary rest, which you and your body requires. You can use relaxation technique during your work day, relieving tiredness and strain as they appear.

We recommend you to find time every day a few minutes for relaxation. Use it as daily meditation and your mood will be better.


An easy way to start fight your depression.

A human being in a state of depression feels like he or she can never get out from underneath its shadow. However, there is no need to despair. Our video will fill your life with new colors and sound, bringing life into it. This is a meditation technique for fighting such an unpleasant state as depression.

Please, bear in mind that our meditation technique is not a replacement for clinical or medicinal treatment prescribed by your doctor.


We constantly get worried and upset about things - this channel will help you significantly decrease your anxiety.

Anxiety has become a common companion for inhabitants of modern cities. We are constantly worried for some reason – be it our health or health of our loved ones, family budget, work problems, misunderstandings or arguments with our family...

What can we do? Of course, meditate! Start to practice morning meditation every day and you will note the difference.


This channel will help you soften your state of stress

Modern life is full of problems, disappointments, high expectations and conflict. Stress has become so common for most people that it is considered to be a way of life. We generally picture stress as a negative event, tiresome work schedule or difficult relationships. Nevertheless, stress can be created by everything that causes strain and forces you to strive and meet high expectations. Such positive things as marriage, buying a house, college studies and even a job promotion can cause a significant amount of stress.


There are many different meditation techniques out there and it can be challenging and time-consuming to find the one that is right for you. The meditation technique brought to you by is truly remarkable because it contains a unique combination of techniques that have been scientifically proven to generate positive changes in the human body, mind, and spirit.


Our developers were the first to practise Multi Meditation, even before it had a name. We find it very helpful and believe that you will also enjoy its benefits.

These people have already started practicing MultiMeditation:

I have long since wanted to start meditating. I searched the web trying to figure out how to get to it and how to do meditation. Some people offered me to buy DVDs with lectures or music, while others suggested that I should find a teacher and insisted that I had to learn, comprehend, and trust. When I found Multi Meditation, I realized how much simpler and easier to understand it was. It's perfect meditation for beginners. I fell in love with Multi Meditation! At long last, I got around to meditating. I'm living! I'm happy!

Paula Nelson, Toronto, Canada

I've been into meditation over 20 years, so I really know how to do meditation and I should say that this technique has exceeded everything I tried before. I couldn't even imagine there was a great meditation channel like this! Now I have become a huge fan of MultiMeditation.

William Berrington, Philadelphia, USA

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We love MultiMeditation and hope you will love it too.