What are the hardest obstacles to Meditation?


At present, very few people can meditate, people should meditate because they can concentrate well, and that concentration depends on the internal state of peace acquired, so it provides some sort of relaxation for them. If meditation is not accessible to the majority of people, it is because the majority of people struggle with their problems, with their fantasies and their traumas, and soon all these things stand out in their way and prevent them to have the perfect state of calm and concentration.

Peace of meditation:

Before embarking on a wide search for what is the best meditation technique that suits you, first you need to analyze your inner calm and if you find that you still have a lot of hassle, grief, unresolved traumas, initially aiming to do solve your inner problems, work on yourself first. No matter how much time it can take you, whether a month or ten years, do it. This is the real solution, because the energies that are working during meditation are so subtle that they cannot work if the body is tense, or if you’re not in the right mood. Your energy will only pass through your body and nothing will happen.

meditation-35And what’s more, if the thoughts are stirred by daily life, family problems, children, neighbors, or work, instead of helping the meditator, the energies will give strength to the concerns and they will no longer beneficial, but instead they will be very harmful because they enclose more to the person in his neurosis. It is very important that nothing disrupts the search for energy. I insist on this point, because I have seen so many people get into meditation or simply want to capture energy with them being captured in all their problems and anxieties at work or within their families, having resentment feelings or being very sentimental.

This is a rule, never attempt to meditate to calm negative thoughts, anger, etc. It does not work. If you really want to talk about meditation and meditate correctly, you will not get there unless you do the inner self cleaning work which we have spoken about previously, and before starting that, take time to relax and capture your energy.

By relaxing you almost automatically capture energy. Whenever you sink in darkness (having emotional problems), you should know that there is still light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is your energy.

Relaxation methods:


There are already some relaxation methods that you can use, or you can simply invent your own method, but you should know that for the relaxation to be effective, it must always be guided, because the mind needs the support of the order, this has nothing to do with hypnosis, but the approach is somewhat similar.

When you find that you have more stability, you will no longer get upset for a certain thing, you will act detached when facing an upsetting event, and you will have a form of spontaneous knowledge of things, so it’s easier for you after that to move to true meditation.

Currently there are lots of people who seek gurus to teach them the right meditation techniques, hoping to find the kind of meditation that suits them the best, and even if it is only for a fortnight, they say: “It was such a fantastic session of meditation. I finally felt inspired, because my teacher gave me the meditation technique I needed.”Or “It was a bit of an extremist guru I found, but I must admit that his meditation technique is amazing. I had the impression I was floating in the sky!”

The problem is that after a while they realize that the new meditation does not actually work for them and they go in search of a new technique. And so they keep jumping like rabbits seeking miraculous meditation!

That is why at the present time people are unhappy with regular meditation because it does not bring peace to people who have problems, who still have too many things that worry them and who need to be educated or those who have to work on themselves.

meditation_3Knowing yourself, working with yourself, will make you feel that you gradually improved, and then yes, you can start meditation. And when you get to that point, you will not need to ask me or any meditation guru anything. You can guide YOU, after a while you will even be able to find your path to solve your problems with your own energetic ritual. You will be able to choose your path and you will guide yourself by yourself.

Most known obstacles to meditation

Here is a “difficult meditation” feedback of a group of confirmed participants in meditation sessions and who are still “novice” to “mindfulness meditation” programs. In the following section, I will introduce you to the most difficulties that people who meditate might encounter, as well as a set of tips that may be helpful to you in the future.


The benefits of mindfulness meditation are countless, and the impact of this practice on individuals according to scientific researches proves to be very effective and priceless. By cons, only few people are interested in the practice itself, the “formal” practice of mindfulness meditation. Maybe because the practice is in itself difficult or maybe because it does not tend to appear as difficult as it really is in the start.


When people learn at their own pace, quietly, mindfulness meditation, they realize that the most important part of this practice is to observe what is as it is, everything is experienced, and everything is convenient. Difficulties in concentrating holding a certain posture, or to let go of thoughts and emotions are part of the practice. And difficulties remind us that this time is present right now: knee pain is here now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Difficulties are our allies, humans learn from difficulties.


Here are 2 main difficulties that can face meditator when meditating.


  • Doubt


The fact of not knowing whether a certain technique or another will “work” or not, creates great insecurity especially when practicing meditation in its early stages. “It may work for others but not for me.”  Some people might say, sometimes doubt is profitable as we learn to observe more of what happens around us before accepting how things turn out to be. But sometimes, doubt drifts us away from the practice of the exercise before it teaches us something useful.


  • How to solve it?


You must always remember that thoughts are just thoughts; they are not reality but a mere projection. When you experience doubt in any part of your life, take note that it is there, and that there can also be emotions associated with this doubt: fear, frustration, guilt. Then slowly return to practice.


  • Tiredness


It must be said: it is difficult to sit when our mind is so busy! We are trained from an early age to do many activities, and to do even more and more when we grew up. The mind can then rebel against the invitation to “be present”. During years of developing as an individual, you then proceed increasingly developing your lists of things to do and count the minutes until the end of each meditation practice. This is quite normal.


  • How to solve it?


It is important to recognize that fatigue is just a feeling like any other. If we observe this weariness as a form of anxiety or fear, we will learn how to get rid of it. We do not need to search for solutions in order to reduce the impact of this tiredness: we just need to recognize that these feelings can be eliminated. We can also apply one of the basic rules of mindfulness: the beginner’s mind, which leads us to observe with curiosity, all the sensations of that weariness. Thus we can regain control.



Meditation is primarily an act of communion with the divine energies and that cannot take place if you are not in the right set of mind. So do everything you need to prepare for Communion, and do not worry whether a certain type of meditation works better for you than another. All meditations are suitable if it is a meditation that approaches your type of problem. Therefore, at this moment for most of you who want to meditate, you should seek meditations that are primarily therapeutic. All types of meditation have techniques that can help you heal your inner state.